Fourteen years ago my doctor recommended your orthotics for P-F. They worked fine. Per your symptom chart, I see now, I actually had Achilles Tendonitis-- bilateral, burning heels--I'd get home from tennis and literally "cool my heels" with ice.

Last year I developed heel pain in one foot, and the pain is definitely in the bottom of the heel. After resting and gradual resumption of tennis, the improvement plateaued short of satisfactory. Two weeks ago a podiatrist gave me a cortisone shot, which helped, plus a Phys Therapy referral. Since the shot I've been able to "push off" with the affected foot. The PT gal wants me to stop playing tennis, and minimize heel-impact activities. I'm waiting for the PT and the Podiatrist to concur on a treatment plan.

Question: How do I make sure 1) that my current orthotics are NOT part of the problem, and 2) that my orthotics are the most appropriate for my current circumstances?


Our sales history says you purchased an Ortho Flex orthotic. In the case of Achilles tendinitis its best to wear an arch support with a deep heel cup and a high arch. This will keep the heel from moving around.  We have products with deeper heel cups than the Ortho Flex, and which may be better suited to your current condition.  Also, a lift on both heels will help to take stress of the tendon, a more solid shoe may help, and we recommend an evening icing regimen. You may also want to use an ankle brace to keep the Achilles supported.  

Most importantly, if you haven't already, ask your podiatrist to examine your current orthotic and they should be able to provide the best advice.